Fine art sculpture used to be available only to those who could afford it – and find it. Fortunately, many fine art sculptors are seeking new ways to market their art – and not just to museums or uber-wealthy collectors – but to interior designers and discerning homeowners and business owners who want affordable fine art sculpture that will enhance their surroundings (and likely appreciate in value). This web site was created for that purpose.

Shopping for fine art sculpture needs to be easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone. So we created an online sculpture showcase where anyone can search for and buy sculpture directly from some of the world's finest artists.
.Sculpture in The South was founded in 1998 to “promote the appreciation of sculpture through education and the creation of an accessible public sculpture collection that enhances our community.” For sixteen years between 1999 and 2015, we conducted an annual Show & Sale to promote sculptors and their work. This venue provided access for sculptors and our local citizens to interact and support our mission. When economics forced the show to close a search was begun to find a new way ahead. This website is the result of that search, we wish it to continue to provide the bridge between Sculptor and Collector.
This site is intended to provide an additional opportunity for our family of sculptors to have another marketplace for their artwork. One that will combine the benefits of a low cost sales venue with the support of Sculpture in the South’s network and marketing. For all of our friends who exhibited at our show and sale during its existence there will be no jury process. In order to keep “quality in the marketplace” all newcomers will go through the same jury process that was used for the show.