William Kolok

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William Kolok

William Kolok

Like the limestone he carves, William Kolok’s life consists of textured layers. Kolok was raised in a working class neighborhood in New England, completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Georgia and for the last 30 years had lived in Kentucky.

Kolok’s limestone sculptures have been exhibited in prestigious art exhibits across the south and Midwest. His commissions include a limestone font and tabernacle for a chapel, a totem of wheel chairs parts for a special needs playground,  and a wall of crosses for a church.

Each piece Kolok does fosters new ideas.  He continues to enjoy the physical labor of sculpture, the mental challenge and the search for new forms of expression.

His wood and stone sculptures delight his audience with their invitation to interpret, experience, see, and feel.

About My Art

A Kolok Sculpture - "I have something to say that only I can say."

More About Me

Preferred material(s): Marble/Stone, Wood, Other Material
Years experience: 52
Price range: $75 - $10000